Crafting Your Brand With Intention

We’re diving straight into intention and purpose. In a content fuelled world we’re bombarded with media in all forms competing and fighting for our attention – shucks, the world loves us humans!

Gone are the days where what we engaged with on online and offline are no longer about filling our screens to be *just* be seen, content is purposely designed to fuel your thoughts, sometimes good, mostly anxiety-inducing.

It’s like we’re all zombies walking around on autopilot being told we “should” do this, we “should” do that, we “shouldn’t” do this, but we “should” say that – the list is quite literally endless. I personally believe “should” is the most dangerous word in the English language.

Modern day media keeps our brands (and more importantly, us humans) bound in chains and from achieving our true potential all thanks to the fear of being judged. We live in a culture that was intentionally created for us humans to experience instant gratification, with the reliance on the undying need of being validated and seen. And, it’s getting to the point where we stop saying what we want to say and start saying things that get us the most amount of likes.

Don’t get us wrong, modern day media comes with vast positive results that connect us to aligned communities and opens us up to infinite global possibilities, but next time you open up to doom scroll, stop yourself and ask yourself – is my brand showing up in all its authenticity? Or have I tweaked it so much to be a persona I no longer recognise because I believed the “shoulds” that told me I was wrong and to follow something that feels so unaligned to me just to fit in?

Every last follicle of your brand is crafted with intention, it’s how we as human beings connect – emotional resonance. 

So it makes sense when tweaking, updating or overhauling your business’ identity you not only align all decisions with its values, but you think deeply about the intention behind crafting its memorability. 

This can be done through every interaction your audience has with your business, cemented in experience. Want to know how? Suss out our project with Elysium Hair Brisbane, their excellence and successful business is down to crafting an intentional and consistent experience. Not just for their clients, their team members too.

Purposefully thinking about your brand’s every little detail, does it all align with your legacy and the mark you want to leave on the world?

Feel like your current look no longer feels deeply aligned to where you’re at and where you’re headed? Maybe you’re starting a dandy new side hustle, main squeeze or expanding into a sister brand for your biz? Over time, consistently mismatching your identity and look communicates to your audience on an emotional level that you’re a little all over the place, or worse, you’re not even you! #harshtruth