Is It Time For A Brand Tweak Or A Brand Revamp?

You’ve been in the biz game for a while now and like all beautiful blooms, you have evolved and blossomed in ways much different to when you started. Perhaps the direction of your business has changed, your services have evolved or even your dream client demographic has grown beyond your wildest dreams. The thing is, whilst all these wonderful changes have happened around you, your branding has stayed put. 

If your branding isn’t quite resonating with your why any longer, then it may be time to make some changes. But who, when and how? We got you. Digital Bloom Founder Sarah is here to explain the difference between tweaking your brand and revamping it.

So, what’s the difference?

The idea of a brand tweak is to adjust your image so that it speaks to your dream client and reconnects you with existing ones. These tweaks impact the way that your brand is seen and felt by your customer. A brand tweak could include an update of your colours and fonts, adjustments to the appearance of your logo, updating your slogans or refreshing your marketing material. 

A revamp on the other hand is everything but the kitchen sink – although, if you’re doing all this work, you might as well treat yourself to a new one of them as well. A revamp transforms your brand identity, updates your image and revitalises your business to be seen by a tonne of new customers.

Your brand revamp may welcome an entirely new logo, brand new style guides, an updated brand personality and even new communication styles to reach an entirely new market or demographic

Which one is right for me?

Brand tweaks are a powerful way to reinvigorate your business in a crowded marketplace. Perhaps when you first opened your business your logo was the bee’s knees but now, as you and your business have evolved, it’s needing a modern twist. This is where a brand tweak would be ideal. 

Some businesses can’t seem to find their feet when it comes to consistent colours and fonts – and with so many to choose from, we get it! A brand tweak can support you to find clarity and consistency within your branding to ensure everything you put out to the universe is in line with your message and your why. 

You’ve got a loyal following, but you want to reach more people! From the very moment a potential new customer drives past your business or stalks you on the ‘gram, they are making assumptions about your biz based off the brand image you’re serving them. Brand tweaks will assist you in defining exactly who you are, what you do and why you do it to ensure we’re making fabulous first impressions, everytime. 

With a rebrand, everything changes. Sure, your treatment menu and location may stay the same but to those outside looking in? You’ve completely transformed. 

We’re often asked, “will I know when it’s time to revamp my brand?”. When deciding to revamp your brand, you need to first ask yourself why. What is it about your brand that is driving you to make this change? 

It could be that you’re completely changing your ethos (such as becoming a clean beauty salon or switching your focus to strictly skin treatments), your audience has evolved to new demographics, your current identity doesn’t represent you or your business like it once did or its time to stand out from the competition to avoid being left behind.

If your current branding can’t proudly showcase your growth and expertise, then it’s time to bring in the pros.

We know that your business is unique and with that comes the need for a considered, strategic, tailored approach to tweaking or revamping your branding. And that’s what we do best.

We want you to be #obsessed with your brand. Our Digital Bloom fam can bring your vision to life so you can start making waves in a crowded industry. And those dream clients? Well they’ll be saying “hey good lookin” when they come across your brand in no time. 

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