Are your social tiles on brand? Here’s why they should be.

Let’s face it. Whether we’re talking Facebook, Insta or Pinterest, the majority of the social media channels are incredibly visual so without a hint of doubt, the quality of those images we’re sharing as our brand presence really matters (like really matters)

The trouble is, many brands often get caught up in deciding what to post and default to the old screenshot and share of other brand’s content. 

Now, this is totally fine, providing you’re crediting the creator properly, but how incredible would it be if the social media quotes, infographics and features you shared were from your own brand? Next level right?

The Canva #QUEEN herself and our bloominous Founder Sarah is here to tell you why creating branded social tiles should totally be on your radar. (like, yesterday)

It’s easier than you think

We get it. You are all creators of incredible skin, hair and good vibes but when it comes to graphic design, you’d rather leave that to us. *and we thank you* Fortunately, we’re all about branding solutions that won’t give you a headache, but rather, ones you might actually find enjoyable! Enter, Canva

Canva is our absolute favourite design tool for businesses who want to up their social and branding game. With easy drag-and-drop systems, a tonne of available imagery and millions (literally) of templates for inspiration, Canva is your affordable design solution. 

We love Canva so much that we built a course about it! If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll know that we love to deliver some of our branding assets via Canva so you can continue to help them bloom. If you’re more lash tech than tech savvy, our Bloom Bootcamp course sets you up with all the must-know tips, tricks and hacks to make Canva part of your branding squad.

It’s another amazing brand touchpoint

Creating branded social tiles is another brilliant way to add a branding touchpoint to your digital presence. Now, you all know how much we love a touchpoint and social media is always a front running example of a great branded touchpoint.

 Creating content that looks, feels and sounds like your brand makes the content you’re sharing so much more memorable. It’s the content you’ll find people will share, tag their friends in and save for later. It helps your brand to stand out in your dream client’s social media feeds and help them to recognise you quicker (hello, brand awareness!). 

 Remember, every time your ideal client shares your tile, that’s exposing your brand to a whole new audience of people and chances are, they’re more of your kind of people. 

 Branded social media tiles also lights up your dream client because they will start to resonate with your message. Using your official colours, fonts and tone of voice, these tiles start to tell a customer a lot about your brand and its personality. This comes back to our font and colour psychology lessons and knowing your cmyk from your caps lock can be a total game changer in crafting strong emotional connections with your ideal audience.


It brings consistency to your feed

You know those social media feeds that look like they’ve just stepped off a runway? Every post has its place on the feed and it just makes sense! Chances are, that brand has intentionally thought about the placement of each of those tiles and harnessed their own branding to bring it all together. 

By sticking to your own branded tiles on your feed, you’ll start to notice that suddenly, your brand shines a lot brighter from face value! Long gone are the days of mismatched colours, fonts and low-resolution imagery and hello to value-adding content that is uniquely, you.

It’ll save you a tonne of time in the long run!

If you’re creating your own branded social media tiles, we won’t fib! It will take some time to finalise your masterpiece but once you’ve got it, oh the time you will save. 

Using Canva, your designs will be housed in your account for you or your team to access at any time. This means, whenever it’s time to create new content for your brand, you can jump straight into Canva and choose from one of your pre-made designs. 

Sticking to branded content will also save you time in sourcing it! If you’ve previously been scrolling the ‘gram or pinning items to your board to post on social media, we bet you’ve clocked up a lot of hours, right? With branded tiles, you’ve already created the visual design, all you need to do is add in the text, photo of your team, product or service, download and voila.

Ready to get those designs bloomin’? Of course, you are!