Getting to know your dream client

So, you know you love what you do but who is that love doing it for? 

Your dream client isn’t found in a superannuation commercial *mic drop*. There’s so much more to know about them than their age, their income and where they live. 

The better you know your target audience, the clients that you dream of rushing through your doors each morning, the better you can put the right products and services in front of their beaming eyes. 

Knowing your dream client incredibly well (like stirred or shaken well) allows your brand to walk the walk and talk the talk with authenticity, relatability and purpose. From the way your brand sounds online, the images you use in your printed material, the colours and textures that make up your space to the greetings and signature experiences your team provide in each appointment, all of these touchpoints are crafted around speaking to and engaging with your dream client.

Now, it’s all good and well to have an idea of your dream client’s age or gender but imagine if the benefits of going so much deeper than that? Imagine stepping into your business and knowing the exact person every touchpoint is speaking to. 

From their name, their favourite brands to the way they spend their weekend, your dream client starts to feel like your trusted friend, the one that’s been your biggest cheerleader since day one and inspires you to continue being the absolute boss that you are. 

Together, let’s dive deep into the world of Sally and what she gets up to when she’s not visiting her favourite salon. We recommend playing along at home with your own dream client! 

What’s their name? Let’s start by writing MEET ______ at the top of your page. Done? Awesome. Let’s move on to asking Sally, and your own dream client, some questions about their day-to-day life.

MEET Sally.

Things we already know about Sally

We already know that Sally identifies as a female, she’s aged 25-35 (preferring to be 29 for at least 3 years) and is located in Melbourne. She’s a marketing executive (boss lady), been with her partner for 8 years and doesn’t have any children unless you count her French Bulldog (which we totally do). 

Where does Sally shop?

Sally’s loves the convenience of online shopping. Price isn’t Sally’s motivator when shopping and prefers to invest in quality pieces rather than fast fashion. Her studio apartment doesn’t have the Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk-in she dreams of, so she invests in pieces and products that deliver on their promise. Think Country Road, Aje, Decjuba, Witchery and Seed Heritage. 

What’s Sally’s ice cream order?

Living in Melbourne, Sally is a sucker for a late-night Messina run. She can’t go past salted caramel, or anything dipped in Nutella. We like your style, Sal. 

What’s the name of Sally’s go-to lipstick?

When Sally’s stepping into the office, she’s always wearing the deep nude tones of Natural Born Leader by MAC. Hitting happy hour on a Friday night, she grabs her makeup bag essential, the fiery red of MAC’s Ruby Woo. 

What problems does Sally experience that she needs YOU to solve?

Being a girl boss comes at a price for Sally. She’s often very time poor and stressed out which more often than not, shows on her skin and that slicked back bun she’s been wearing daily for 6 months. 12-step beauty routines don’t work with her schedule which is why she likes to invest in key products and tools to get the job done properly, quicker. Sally knows the importance of self-care but doesn’t always practice what she preaches. She secretly adores the scalp massage at the hair salon and arm massage during her facials and wishes it went for that tiny bit longer. 

Does Sally go to the gym?

Sally doesn’t love the gym environment and the classes don’t often work with her busy schedule. Afternoon walks in the park with her partner and dog are her go-to for exercise as well as using the Keep It Cleaner app on her phone for quick 20-minute strength and cardio workouts. 

On her lunch break, where will you find Sally?

If Sally has left her desk for lunch, you’ll find her soaking up the sun for a quick moment before scrolling social media on her phone. This is often when she’ll make her online purchases and catch up on her life admin she needs to do. 

Sally is getting ready for a night out. What’s she wearing?

Sally makes heading out looking chic and polished look so damn easy. Whether it’s date night or a night out with the girls, Sally will be dressed in leather pants, a band tee or white top, sensible black heels and her signature bold lip. 

What will you find Sally doing on her Sunday morning?

Sunday morning in Sally’s world is for sleep-in’s and brunch at a nearby café with her partner and fur child. They’ll walk there from their apartment where she’ll order an almond latte (or two) and smashed avocado (because #melbourne). After, they’ll take a stroll through the park before heading back to their apartment for an afternoon of Netflix and sun on the balcony before another busy week.

What we’ve learnt from interviewing Sally is that she’s not afraid to invest in herself (yaaas, queen). Price isn’t a leading contributor to her purchasing decisions, but she’s passionate about quality – she works hard for that coin! As a client of your business, she’ll be open to investing in treatment packages and products that are going to achieve the result she’s after. 

Despite her positive and bubbly demeanour, her career leaves her feeling burnt out more than she wants to admit. Offering Sally a space to relax and rejuvenate whilst achieving her skin or hair goals will be perfect for her. 

Time poor Sally will be the biggest fan of your online processors such as booking appointments and stocking up on her products via your website. If she’s got to call or walk-in to solve these problems, you may lose her as a client. 

Pretty cool how intimately we got to know Sally from a few deeper questions, hey?! This is the power of unpacking your dream client and humanising them. Equipped with so much more insight than just her age, gender and location, brands with Sally as their dream client now know what tweaks they need to make to their branding and messaging to break through the noise of her busy life and connect with her. 

The best part? You totally can too.

Pssst! Want help deciphering your Sally’s from your Sandy’s? Our Hour of Flower Power is the best place to work with our Founder, Sarah, 1-1.