What’s the real return on investment when it comes to branding your business?

We all know branding is valuable for a business. Influencing what we wear, what we drive, the products we use throughout our day, branding follows us wherever we go. 

When it comes to putting a price on crafting branding, this is where things get a little trickier. Can we really put a dollar figure next to something that inherently influences every other element of our business?

We can’t default to the number of sales you’ve made since your branding revamp because marketing, customer service and sales skills all come into play too. We need to dive deeper into the experience of those behind the brand and the customers experiencing it to determine its role in return on investment. 

To get clear on the real return on investment when it comes to branding your hair, beauty or wellness business, we asked some of our brand revamp blooms what they experienced when rolling out their brand-new branding to the universe, how it’s impacted their #bizownerlife and drove customer experience.


The #1 response our clients gave us when describing how it felt to implement their new branding was clarity. Feeling clear on their mission, brand personality and how to create touchpoints that aligned with their style, clarity was inextricably valuable to them as a business owner. 

Clarity has contributed to their sense of return on investment through the time and money they have saved on producing and executing brand activities that work hard for their business (and not focussing their energy on unaligned ones).


Thanks to clarity, our blooms have created consistency within their brands like never before. From the tone they’re conveying across all of their touchpoints, visual identity throughout their business to the quality of content they’re producing, these consistencies create a stronger and clearer brand message.

When our touchpoints connect with the consumer, we’re able to foster a lifetime client in them. When our blooms started showing up consistently across all touchpoints, consumers were able to connect the dots quicker and recognise the brand in their lives.  

The ROI? A consistent brand means you’re on your way to touchpoints and a funnel that packs a punch. Without that branding on point, we’re back to square one. With consistency up their sleeve and messaging loud and clear, our blooms are getting more bang for their buck in both the quality and quantity of customers coming through their funnel.


Strong brands outperform weaker ones. Strong brands give their owners and team the confidence to spread their message, charge a premium and build a collective of lifetime clients. 

Conveyed through so many different elements, your branding represents who your business is and what it has to offer. If you’re not confident that you can deliver it, your clients are likely to sense it and lose trust. 

The return on investment of a strong brand is priceless. Investing in the nurturing of your brand is investing in the long-term success of your business. Our blooms experience a shift in their confidence when they find their clarity and celebrate the rewards of consistency.

This newfound confidence works its way into so many elements of a business as the owner stands prouder and taller when representing their brand. We sense it when they create their touchpoints, welcome that new customer through their door and relish in the return of crafting a lifetime one.