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The seed was planted | How it began




Beauty & Aesthetics

What is Sircuit® Skin?

Sircuit® Skin is not your average skincare brand. Their innovative formulas are backed by science and packed with potent ingredients that deliver real results. 

In taking a different approach by developing formulas using new breakthrough ingredient technologies combined with plant-based formulas, Sircuit® allows their products to be super effective while also greatly reducing the chance of adverse reactions. 

What makes them different?

SIRCUIT® Skin was specifically formulated to challenge the norms of the department store beauty giants by offering the newest, most effective ingredient technology, paraben free, and shameless performance driven skin care products at an affordable price point.

Their natural plant based formulas function well across a wide spectrum of consumers including genders, all ethnic groups, as well as all ages, acknowledging that the majority of the beauty business is done within the 20 to 60 year old age range. 

Of course, they do understand the complexities of oily skin, or dry skin, and pigment issues between the diverse groups along with the variations of thick and thin skin between the different genders, but SIRCUIT® Skin focuses on the one specific constant between us which is that we are all human, we all have skin cells and our bodies all function much the same way.

Thank you for bringing my Sircuit®Skin brand dreams to life!

~ Sarah Midgley, Chief Executive Dreamer of Dream Aesthetics and Sircuit® Skin Australia & New Zealand

Before the bloom…

The growth experience | What we discovered

The desired outcome:

After the successful relaunch of Sircuit®Skin in Australia, the team reached out to us to tighten up the branding. Showing up as Australia’s hottest skincare fuelled by Green Technology. They wanted their branding presence both online and offline to be cool-as-a-cucumber, just like their cutting edge product technology. 

Brand ethos:

Backed By Science, Innovation, Integrity, Human

Brand feels:

Professional, Cutting-Edge, Fun, Results-Driven

The brand | Our bloominous process

What we created ~ 

  • A suite of supporting graphics to give their branding that extra oomph. Think; hand drawn illustrations and elements, collage clouds, bubbles and all things on-trend, so hot right now Y2K vibes.
  • Colour and font palette for the ultimate consistency
  • Style guidelines and advice on how to carry out consistency to all platforms, aka. how to use their new visuals 
  • Social Media Canva Template suite
  • Glow up of their existing Professional manuals


  • Creative direction on how to style a variety of graphics across multiple platforms to reflect the vision and consistency of brand aesthetics
  • Creative ideation through our Bloom offerings
  • Graphic design including; 
    • Social media graphics
    • Email Newsletters
    • Seasonal campaign assets, think; flyers, banners, shelf talkers, postcards, posters
    • Treatment aftercare cards
    • Prescription cards
    • Treatment menus
    • Event displays
    • Product displays
    • Website banners and ecommerce graphics
    • Merchandise for seasonal campaigns
    • Packaging design
    • Product graphics
    • External publication ad design
    • Internal business documents

Or, in Beaute Industrie’s words:

Brand got a little regrowth? We’ve got you, guuuurl

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