Fellow Studios



The seed was planted | How it began





Fellow Studios is

Not just another fitness studio. They’re a purpose-built boutique training studio located on the Sunshine Coast.

Behind the name

‘Fellow’ did not begin with aesthetics, it wasn’t overly visual. It was a feeling, a feeling of home, connection and courage. A space that was beautiful but completely stripped back, where you felt empowered to be you. Authenticity above all.

What makes them different?

Fellow Studios prides themselves on authenticity.

With a light approach to yoga and a sweaty approach to all things Pilates, Circuit training and Strength, they instil maximum vibe and minimal ‘Bulls#@t’.

Their purpose is to be real and raw with their community, through all seasons of life.

They do push social boundaries, they do swear, they occasionally yell inappropriately passionate things to students in class (fuelled with humour and fun), but they are deeply empathetic and have so much love to give.

The growth experience | What we discovered

The desired outcome:

Being a brand new business, Fellow Studios wanted a visual identity that oozed authenticity, aligned with Stevie’s dreamy vision to grow with her for years to come.

Brand ethos:

Authenticity, Community and Empowerment

Brand feels:

Fun, Approachable, Effortless, Stylish

The brand | Our bloominous process

What we created ~ NEW IDENTITY

+ Visual Identity: aka. New logo and built out varieties into a full-blown suite, fonts, colours and imagery to reflect their growing vision 

+ Style guidelines document – aka. how to use their new visuals 

+ Stationery and print marketing suite including; Referral Card, Launch Letterbox Drop, Class Timetable, Gift Vouchers, Challenge Poster + Scorecard, Promotional Flyers, Business Cards, Letterheads

+ Email Signature Design

+ Sister brand identity – Fellow House

+ Creative direction on how to style a variety of graphics across multiple platforms to reflect the vision and consistency of brand aesthetics

How it started

Owning a Fitness Studio certainly wasn’t a lifelong dream of Stevie Hucker’s (Founder of Fellow Studios). However, looking back, she felt she travelled down all the necessary paths to get her where she is today in bringing Fellow to life. Fellow was born from her greatest skills of all, building relationships with people.

One day Stevie found herself in yoga class looking up at yet another office ceiling thinking to herself “If I owned a yoga studio, I’d have a beautiful ceiling”. She pondered on why all of these studios have awful ceilings when you spend so much time on your back in class.

How it’s going

Since then, Fellow Studios was family built, with the most beautiful timber ceiling you’ve ever seen.


Stevie has expanded her humble beginnings into the online space with her platform, Fellow House – online pilates that hits different and has been hosting a series of events and retreats across Australia and Bali.

Brand got a little regrowth? We’ve got you, guuuurl

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