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The seed was planted | How it began




Beauty & Aesthetics

Who Beaute Industrie speaks to

Beaute Industrie exists as an online support community for the professional beauty industry.

Behind the name

With a French influenced name on the play of words ‘beauty industry’, Beaute Industrie is the feeling of being part of something bigger than four treatment room walls. It’s the chance to connect with people who are in business with the same thoughts, feelings, questions and queries as you in business and in leadership.

What makes them different?

Beaute knows what it’s like travelling along in business feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated and a little threatened by the ‘competition’. 

Heck, even best friends, partners and family don’t understand the intricacies of the beauty industry and Beaute felt the need of a support team of people who ‘get it’. 

Beaute creates real connections, light bulb moments and meaningful conversations to bridge the gap between owner/operators and industry experts, to support beauty businesses, their teams and to continually fuel the passion and love a business owner has for the industry. 

Beaute sets out to empower beauty business owners through their exclusive online community membership, podcast channel and industry networking events. So they can be a better person for their business and start connecting with like-minded souls who value community over competition.

After our refresh with Digital Bloom, my business finally feels like a real brand.

~ Tamara Reid, 2x Founder of Beaute Industrie & Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council

Before the bloom…

The growth experience | What we discovered

The desired outcome

As Beaute started to reach wide-spread national growth, Tamara wanted her brand to visually and kinaesthetically represent its success, true value and commitment.

Brand ethos

Connection, Conversation, Community and Culture

Brand feels

Elegant, Timeless and Professional

The brand | Our bloominous process


  • Visual Rebrand: aka. Overhauled their logo and built out varieties into a full-blown suite, fonts, colours and imagery to reflect their growing vision
  • Sister brand identity creation including: Beaute Academy (Now Club Beaute), Beaute Therapist, Beaute Social and Beaute Business
  • Style guidelines and advice on how to carry out consistency to all platforms, aka. how to use their new visuals
  • Suite of illustrations and graphic elements throughout (In collaboration with a fine artist for the suite of ladies)
  • Social Media Canva Template suite


  • Graphic design including; Email signatures, gift vouchers, event photo wall banners, event workbooks, digital ebooks and worksheets, pitch decks, brochures, media kits, merchandise (t-shirt design, coffee cups, stickers, event bags etc.), external publication ad design, flyers
  • Monthly digital magazine publication: Creative direction, layout, design and editing
  • Creative direction on how to style a variety of graphics across multiple platforms to reflect the vision and consistency of brand aesthetics
  • Creative ideation through our Bloom offerings

Or, in Beaute Industrie’s words:

How it started

Founded in 2017 by Tamara Reid, Beaute Industrie began as a small private Facebook group designed to provide a platform for business owners to connect and share their experiences. In a vastly competitive industry, a safe, supportive and encouraging space for business owners to connect and exchange questions or advice did not exist at the time. It was therefore warmly received by business owners seeking support, and the group continued to expand rapidly.

How it’s going

Since then, Beaute Industrie has grown exponentially to become the beauty and aesthetic industry’s largest and most prevalent community. Its dedicated channels include networking events throughout Australia, a blog, podcast, and social channels, where business owners, therapists and brands can all connect. Its original Facebook group remains at the heart of the community, where it has become known by thousands of members as the central location for questions on every industry topic imaginable.


As the Beaute community grew, so too did the number of questions and posts from members of industry. Thanks to the pandemic, enquiries relating to HR, staffing, government payments, dismissals, rental agreements, finances, and mandates affecting our sectors also skyrocketed. And so, it was decided that the Beaute Industrie community may benefit further from partnering with an organisation designed to provide expert support in these difficult areas.

In 2022 Beaute Industrie merged with The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC). The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) is a not-for-profit association created to represent and unite beauty and aesthetics as one powerfully strong voice to government, to advocate for benchmark standards, self-regulation, and to support the advancement of industry at every level.

Brand got a little regrowth? We’ve got you, guuuurl

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