The seed was planted | How it began





Who Canvast speaks to:

Canvast are all about helping the go-getters achieve their boldest, raddest, wild AF dreams. That’s why they made undated planners that just get you. A planner designed by kick-ass women, for kick-ass women.

Behind the name:

A blank canvas, planning customised to you.. It’s your story, it’s your day, plan it your way.

What makes them different:

The Canvast crew knows that dreaming big can get pretty f*cking overwhelming sometimes; they know what it’s like to ask yourself, ‘Why am I even doing this?‘ Yep, you better believe they’ve been there. – and that’s why they created Canvast. 

Their mission is to give you the tools you need to plan the life you want. They want to empower you with a tonne of kickass resources so you can tackle any challenge, big or small (and feel damn good while doing so).

Planning you will actually enjoy… Canvast says nay to boring, so you can plan the f*ck out of your life while having fun. If that’s not #adulting, they don’t know what it is. 

They believe that goal setting shouldn’t equal conforming to rigid rules. Canvast is the place where you – and only you – are in charge. 

You plan for work, holidays, weddings, parties – heck, even your period gets a mention – so why not also plan for the life you deserve?

Thank you for taking all the ideas and visions from my brain and making them 100 times better than I ever expected them to be. I’m so grateful

~ Alana Paulin, Director of Canvast

The growth experience | What we discovered

The desired outcome:

When Alana purchased Canvast circa. 2021, she was already love-OBSESSED with the brand, but something didn’t feel right, Canvast didn’t quite feel ‘her’ – nor did it embody the vision she had for the future direction of the brand. She wanted it to still embody all of the foundations the brand had, but with her signature, unique mark on it.

Brand ethos:

Planning, Empowerment, Adventure, Education

Brand feels:

Serious (yet heartfelt), Sassy (but down to earth), Timeless (yet fun), Professional (but feminine), Rule breaker and shaker (yet, organised af)

The brand | Our bloominous process


  • Visual Rebrand: aka. Overhauled their logo and built out varieties into a full-blown suite, fonts, colours and imagery to reflect their growing vision
  • Style guidelines and advice on how to carry out consistency to all platforms, aka. how to use their new visuals
  • Suite of illustrations, graphic elements and patterns throughout
  • Social Media Canva Template suite
  • Print Marketing Items: Note card, packaging design, planner bag design, business cards, gift vouchers, letterhead.
  • Creative direction on how to style a variety of graphics across multiple platforms to reflect the vision and consistency of brand aesthetics

Or, in Canvast’s words:

“When I first met Sarah, I instantly loved her energy. So when I decided it was time to rebrand my business, I knew she was the babe to do just that! And she did not disappoint 😍 Sarah and her team have created the most beautiful brand for my business and I am honestly OBSESSED! I cannot wait to relaunch the rebrand and show the world how incredible Sarah and the Digital Bloom team are, so thank you! Thank you for taking all the ideas and visions from my brain and making them 100 times better than I ever expected them to be. I’m so grateful x”

Brand got a little regrowth? We’ve got you, guuuurl

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