Sahb Hair Studio



The seed was planted | How it began





Behind the name:

The heart and very soul behind the brand is Sahb’s founder and owner, Steph. From the moment she opened her doors, Steph has been dedicated to creating an experience for her guests like no other. 

The name SAHB is derived from Steph’s name:

Stephanie Anne Hawes Burns.

What makes them different?

When it comes to transforming hair, they understand it’s a 360º approach. Proudly creating a luxurious experience to ensure what’s on the inside feels as good as their work looks on the outside.

Sahb is more than ‘just’ a pair of scissors taming manes and keeping flyaways at bay. They’re a friend, an ear, a tropical oasis, a moment of peace, a feel good space, a space for you.

A hair studio with heart.

Sahb’s clients are at the very heart and soul of why they exist. So it makes sense throughout their entire brand, from the way they make business decisions, curate their client journey, services, the products they choose and the finer details of the experience (before, during and after visiting the studio) are driven with them at the forefront of mind.

I love the story behind what you have created and how my brand now has so much intentional meaning!

~ Steph Burns, Founder & Director of Sahb Hair Studio

Before the bloom…

The growth experience | What we discovered

The desired outcome:

Transitioning away from catering to both hair and beauty, Steph wanted to return back to her roots, her deep love of making her clients and team the belle of the ball through their blonde services. She wanted her new look to embody not only her brand’s values, but showcase the fact that what they do on the daily shines far and wide beyond the chair.

Brand ethos:

Empowerment, Quality, Connection

Brand feels:

Fun, Heartwarming, Down to earth, Professional

The brand | Our bloominous process


  • Visual Rebrand: aka. Overhauled their logo and built out varieties into a full-blown suite, fonts, colours and imagery to reflect their growing vision
  • Style guidelines and advice on how to carry out consistency to all platforms, aka. how to use their new visuals
  • Suite of illustrations, graphic elements and patterns throughout
  • Social Media Canva Template suite
  • Print and Digital Marketing Items; Referral card, welcome, cards, aftercare cards, appointment and business cards, VIP cards, welcome packs, new client offer cards, letterheads, email signatures, promotional social graphics, email templates, gift vouchers, signage, treatment menu, salon policies poster, letterbox drops, social media templates, stickers, consultation cards, note cards.
  • Creative direction on how to style a variety of graphics across multiple platforms to reflect the vision and consistency of brand aesthetics

Or, in Sahb Hair Studio’s words:

“I am in love! I love the story around how my logo was created, you are so brilliant at what you do Sarah. It’s so nice to be able to create a brand with so much meaning. I love the mix of all the different colours, so much more fun! Thank you so much Sarah, you have absolutely nailed it!”

How it started

In 2015 Stephanie Burns founded Sahb. She believes in creating a welcome space embodied by transformation. Fuelled with expertise and all heart.

How it’s going

Since then, Sahb has been at the forefront of hair excellence. Excelling their expertise in delicate blondes all the way through to balayage.


As the Sahb family continues to grow and evolve, they have just opened their new location in Piara Waters, Western Australia.

Brand got a little regrowth? We’ve got you, guuuurl

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