You’re in startup mode, baby! Your biz has a story, and it’s your role as the owner to share it…

As a Seedling, you:

  • Need a fresh AF look for your brand
  • Wanna bloom into the market as a fierce original
  • Have a limited budget #startuplife
  • Might’ve tried Fiverr or Canva, but aren’t digging your look
  • Wanna DIY (without doing much)

You’re struttin’ into the biz world or have an idea you wanna run off into the sunset with (ummmm, exciting much?!). And just like starting a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon, you’re here for a good time *and* a long time.

But it’s been kinda impossible to feel like a real biz with this patched together look.

You’re scared your dandy audience isn’t taking you seriously.

But so far you’ve found that a professional brand look (like your logo and colours) costs a bajillion dollars to get done properly. And a bajillion dollars just ain’t in the budget right now.

Good news, petal. We’re here to help!