What Is A Brand Personality?

When you think of the couture powerhouse Chanel, thoughts of a woman living in a château in France come to mind, right? What about a brand like Harley Davison – a burley, leather-clad man? The reason why these figures come to mind is because they have successfully crafted an impactful brand personality. 

Crafting these personalities goes beyond the face or name of the person that built the brand. Thinking about a brand as a person with unique traits just like the rest of us, allows that brand to show up in our lives in a way that connects with us, attracts us and encourages us to be the person we aspire to be. 

Who does your dream client aspire to be? Does your brand help them achieve that?

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Consumers are busy. They’re overwhelmed with their ever-growing to-do list and aren’t able to pay close attention to every touchpoint put out there by the millions of brands chasing their business. It’s up to us, beautiful blooms, to break through that noise and use our unique personality traits to create relatable and meaningful connections.

“Your customers are running your company” – Marty Neumeier

A powerful brand lives in someone’s mind and is instantly referred to when making a particular purchasing decision. Need new underwear? You might say you need new Bonds. Time for a phone upgrade? You might say it’s time for a new iPhone. To us as their loyal customers, they’re consistent, reliable and secure. 

If we take a look at Aaker’s Framework of Brand Personality (we promise this won’t be a boring university lecture), you can see that some of those words I just mentioned, fall under the Competence brand personality. 

Driven by your brand values (if you haven’t got these, go check out our blog post here), start to think about the words that you want people to associate with your brand. Are you a home-based salon in Regional Victoria where every appointment feels like an hour with your best mate? Sincerity might be your go-to. Our CBD hair studios with marble benches and Moet on ice may fall under the Sophistication category. 

These characteristics don’t mean that your brand isn’t reliable, hardworking or trending at all, but it’s not the features that are breaking through noise to say “welcome, come in” to your dream customer. 

When defining your brand personality, don’t forget to stay authentically you. Tricking customers into thinking you’re tough and rugged when really, you’re super technical and secure isn’t going to achieve the meaningful brand connections you’re chasing. Embrace who your brand is and be there for the customers that align. You’re their person. 

So, once you know your brand personality, what do you do with it? 

Short answer? ALL THE THINGS! Knowing your brand personality means you’re able to clearly define the way you communicate with your audience and celebrate this throughout your touchpoints. 

Your brand personality will shape your brand’s tone of voice. A brand characterised by Excitement will have fun with their copy, use humour, have unique tagline and catchphrases and push the limits with cheeky text and trending topics. 

This tone of voice matches the kind of personality you’d expect your brand to have if they were a person. Switching over to our Competence personality type, you’d expect to see daring content and more to the point, technical details that align with their white-collar characteristics. 

Paired with your tone of voice is the visual identity your personality aligns with. A nod to our lessons on font and colour psychology, we know that the choices we make here also give our brand a human touch. Ensuring these colours and fonts align with the way we’re talking to our customers creates consistency amongst our brand personality and keeps our message clear.

For example, our Competence personality type could be seen through reliable serif fonts and traditional blue whereas our Ruggedness personality type may feature more impact, bold fonts with strong and earthy greens and browns. 

With our identities aligning, it’s time to find our people. Maximise your touchpoints to create memorable brand experiences for your customers that exude your beautiful personality (or tough, because #ruggedness). Your brand personality is what they’re expecting from you – now it’s time to live up to that promise.