What does it take to create a revolutionary natural skincare range in 2020?

In such an evolving landscape, it takes more than just a ‘skin care range’ to stand out amongst the cosmeceutical industry. We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Donna Lee Marçal, Co-Founder and the Co-Brains behind the incredible Dermatonics® Skincare brand.

Donna, originally from Canada, is a specialist in human Biochemistry with a doctorate from The University of Ottawa. Dr Donna Dinnes works on inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign materials has been ground-breaking research.

Dr Donna has been awarded several international research fellowships for her work. Upon her Sydney research visit, she investigated the human biochemistry pathways involved in inflammation using advanced proteomics. 

And the Australian story begins! Her work on specific human proteins and their functions on human inflammation enabled her with a Tall-poppy award by the World Human Proteomics Organization. She then moved to Australia to continue her advanced work at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Brisbane, QLD). She was then further awarded the Prime Minister’s National Science & Engineering award to work with Australia on her technologies. Dr Donna Lee is now the driving force of Dermatonics and its advanced Nutridermaceutical skin skincare.

What makes Dermatonics stand out as the go-to clinic brand in today’s B2B marketplace?

Dermatonics is an Australian skincare range that meets a lot of the needs of clients and clinics today. Our products are free from harsh chemicals, packed with ultra-pure natural actives that are results oriented, they are specifically formulated to help tackle difficult skin concerns and sensitive skin and our range helps repair the skin barrier.

A key point for our clinic partners is that Dermatonics is a clinic brand that is exclusive to our clinics. What makes us stand out in this space is that we closely work with our clinic partners and help support small businesses and sole operators. We partner with home-based clinic owners that are appropriately qualified and passionate about their clients.

Clinics are looking for amazing Australian skincare products that will foremost help their clients skin concerns and also be really beneficial for their business and business growth. We don’t implement minimum orders. This allows businesses (especially sole operators) to begin implementing our range, introducing it to their clients and then build.

Skin therapists put an incredible amount of time and effort into their client care and treatment, they need a tool that they can confidently use and prescribe to their clients appropriately. With all that time and effort they put into their clients, they want those clients purchasing from them, not online, in discount chemists or large department stores. We are ticking a lot of the boxes for the clinics and their clients.

Why botanical ingredients?

As we are well aware, there are many harsh chemicals that are still being used in the industry that are not beneficial to the skin, can harm the skin or even trigger skin conditions.

We have taken those steps to ensure Dermatonics products do not contain chemicals that are harsh to the skin. Not all synthetic chemicals are bad, however, nature and nature-similar ingredients have so much to offer in terms of active ingredients and phytomedicine. Our ancestors from all over the world have been using traditional, botanically-derived ingredients for hundreds of years. There is a reason for that, as many of them work really well without the side effects and irritation of some synthetic actives.

Consumer demands are also very much trending towards natural and botanical sources. At Dermatonics we strive to use the best active ingredients that nature (with a specific focus on Australian Natives) has to offer for the skin. Not all botanical ingredients are good for topical or internal use, so we do extensive research to ensure we are applying the most effective and safe botanical ingredients that will deliver results to your skin, without harsh or damaging effects.

Why do you do what you do?

As founders of Dermatonics, my husband and I (Dr Helder Marcal) are very passionate about carefully creating high quality skincare products that are packed with ingredients and deliver results that help improve skin conditions and long-term skin health.

We do this as we are dedicated to improving the health of those who truly need it, including those seeking improved skin health. Ongoing, chronic skin conditions can take a toll on a persons’ confidence and mental health in some cases. We are committed to helping improve difficult skin conditions, not as a quick fix, but as a long- term improvement of their health and wellbeing. When we hear about and see the feedback of how our products are improving skin, it makes everything we do worthwhile and drives us even more with what we do.

Where are your products developed and sourced?

All of our products are manufactured here in Sydney. We, as the founders and formulators of Dermatonics (Dr Donna Marçal and Dr Helder Marçal), personally develop each of the products that we bring to market. We both have a medical research background with over 30 years combined of research experience in Biochemistry / Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration / Wound Healing respectively.

Some of our products have taken years to research, develop and perfect before we manufacture them on a larger scale. We needed to ensure the ingredients play well together, the formula is stable and also very effective.

Most of our ingredients are sourced from here in Australia and we only manufacture our products here in Western Sydney. Some of our ingredients are sourced from overseas, particularly from Europe. However we only work with companies that provide ingredients of exceptional quality and can ensure and certify the source and purity of the ingredients.

Many of the natural actives that we use are purified by supercritical fluid extraction, so if we cannot effectively purify this ingredient ourselves with our facilities, we work with companies that can source and purify these ingredients to the high specifications we demand for our products.

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