Style Game Slay: How Your Customer Journey Reflects Your Branding

Remember the good old days when we used to rock butterfly clips and frosted tips? 

 Come to think of it, that trip down memory lane isn’t so much a ‘distant memory’, as it is ‘back in fashion’. Trends come and go, we don’t need to tell you that, you’re at the forefront of trendsetting in our beautiful industry. 

 Similarly to branding, trends come and go, but that extends far and wide – it oozes out into every single interaction and touchpoint a person has with your business. 

 Hold onto your scrunchies, let’s unpack your customer journey so you can uniquely own it as your brand’s memorable experience.

What’s the deal with branding anyway? First things first, branding is like a 90s fashion statement – you’ve gotta have a unique flair. Your salon’s branding isn’t just about a logo and a catchy slogan; it’s about the whole shebang. From the moment your customer steps in until they sashay out with a fab hairstyle, every step of their journey tells a story about your salon’s vibe.

The Pre-Game: Your Website and Social Media

Think about your website and social media as the pre-game show. This is where your customers get their first taste of your salon’s personality. Does your website scream modern minimalism with crisp photos of your stylists and their work? Or does it shout out boho-chic with colourful pics and testimonials from satisfied customers?

As 90s kids, we know the importance of having that perfect profile pic on Myspace (RIP). Your website and social media are your salon’s profile pics – they should reflect your brand’s style. It’s all about giving potential clients a glimpse of what they can expect when they walk through your salon’s door.

The Grand Entrance: A Welcoming Space

Picture this: You’re walking into a hair salon and it feels like you’ve stepped into a time machine that took you back to a 90s sitcom set – neon lights, funky art, and some killer tunes playing in the background. That’s how your salon’s entrance should feel (with your theme, personality and vibe – of course)! Your decor sets the stage for the customer journey.

If your branding is all about being a high-end, luxury salon, your entrance should be sleek and sophisticated. It’s like walking into a swanky throwback club – velvet ropes and all. But if your salon is all about being a cosy, neighbourhood hangout, give it the coffee shop vibe. Friends’ Central Perk, anyone?

The Hair-apy Session: Consultation and Service

Now, let’s talk about the main event – the hair-apy session. Just like how we spent hours on the phone with our BFFs, your stylists need to have meaningful conversations with your customers. A consultation isn’t just about hair colour or cut; it’s about understanding your client’s personality and lifestyle.

Are they looking for a bold, edgy makeover? Or do they want something low-maintenance that they can rock while juggling a career and three kids? Your salon’s branding should shine through here. If your branding is all about being edgy and bold, seek out ways you can infuse this into your consultation experience. If it’s more about simplicity and practicality, offer a consultation that matches.

And hey, don’t forget about the products you use, your salon should have signature products that reflect your brand ethos, values and ultra-aligned style. From organic, eco-friendly shampoos to high-end, salon-exclusive treatments – your product choices should be on-brand.

The Transformation: In the Stylist’s Chair

The moment of truth! Remember those iconic hot girl Summer makeovers in teen movies? Your customer should feel like they’re the star of their very own makeover story when they’re in the chair.

The atmosphere should be comfortable and welcoming. Your branding should shine through here, whether it’s through the music, the decor, or the stylist’s personality. If your salon is all about being fun and playful, there should be laughter and great vibes all around. If it’s more about luxury and pampering, think soothing colours and a luxurious, high-end service.

The Finale: The Big Reveal

It’s time for the big reveal! This is the moment when your customer gets to see their new look for the first time. It’s like opening that much-anticipated mixtape you dubbed from the radio all those years ago, articulately timing your ‘record’ finger just after the talk show host introduces the next tune. The experience should be as memorable as the result.

Your branding should be reflected in the way you present the final look. Is it about building confidence and empowering your customers? Then let your stylists hype them up like the cheerleaders from Bring It On. Or is it about making them feel like a celebrity? A red carpet-style reveal with the perfect lighting and mirrors can do the trick.

The After-Party: Retail and Follow-Up

The journey doesn’t end with a great haircut. Just like how we kept in touch with our pals via landlines, it’s essential to stay connected with your clients. This is where retail and follow-up come into play.

Your retail area should showcase products that align with your branding. From haircare essentials to styling products, they should all represent your salon’s style. And when your customers take home those products, they should feel like they’ve got a piece of your salon with them.

Follow-up is like that post-party call – it shows you care. Send them a thank you message, ask for feedback, and remind them when it’s time for their next visit. It’s all part of providing an unforgettable customer experience that’s in line with your brand.

Bonus points for infusing your tone of voice, on-brand emojis and personality into the mix too.

So there you have it! Your customer journey is like a mixtape of the 90s, full of nostalgia, personality, and style. Every step, from the website to the after party, should reflect your salon’s unique brand.

Remember, your branding isn’t just about your logo and colours; it’s about the entire experience. So, whether your salon is all about being edgy, luxurious, fun, or something in between, make sure your customers feel it at every stage. That’s how you turn those first time visitors into lifelong fans – just like our love for scrunchies, it’s a feeling that never goes out of style.

Keep blossoming your salon’s branding through the customer journey.