Social Proof Matters! 3 Ways To Ask Your Clients For A Positive Recommendation

We’re not ones to pick favourites, but if you asked us to name the MVP of brand touchpoints, testimonials and reviews would steal the show. Why? Because they’re not just words on a screen – they’re proof positive that you’re delivering the goods and living up to your brand’s hype.

Customer recommendations wield serious power. Whether it’s those coveted 5-star ratings on Google or a glowing social media shoutout, they can be the secret sauce that sets your brand apart from the competition.

So, how do we get more of these transformative touch points without feeling awkward? Let’s jump right into 3 ways you can ask your client for a positive recommendation and once you’ve got it, what to do with it.

Say it with a thank you

If you’re already sending a thank you email or text after a client’s appointment, then this is the perfect opportunity to include a link to your Google listing. Immediately after the appointment, clients are feeling fresh, relaxed and obsessed with your business – this is the perfect time to ask for the review!

Including a link to share a review on your Google listing makes it a seamless process on their phone and if sent during those post-treatment good vibes, means they might even go into detail about what made their experience with you so special – they just lived it after all!

To incentivise your clients, you may like to include a cheeky discount or special offer for clients that leave a positive recommendation on your listing. This could include a free LED upgrade on their next facial or a take home hair mask during their next appointment. 

Maximise those VIP clients 

Your V.I.P clients already adore you and trust your business wholeheartedly. It’s why they keep coming back! Maximise these gorgeous creatures by asking them, in person, to share a recommendation. Now, you could just send them the Google listing link but what if we could take this to a totally new level? Grab the camera and some great lighting (we suggest where you take your before and after pictures) and film your client’s recommendation! 

Video is the hero of so many digital platforms and is the perfect media for this powerful form of social proof. These videos don’t need to be oscar-winning productions but showcase real life examples of total love for your biz. By making sure your camera is good quality and there’s no distracting noises in the background before pressing record, you’re also on your way to an amazing video to add to your website or email marketing! 

Set up a booth dedicated to testimonials 

If you host regular events in your business or have high traffic of clients in and out of your door each day, why not maximise all those adoring fans by setting up a snap-and-go testimonial booth?!

This could also double as where you take your before and after results, team photos or daily Instagram story content. 

Your booth could feature a backdrop of your brand’s logo or colours and have clearly marked spaces for your clients or team to stand. Add a ring light (because #glowgoals) and even a tripod for your phone to sit on and suddenly, all of your video content is gloriously consistent and of amazing quality!

If a client has a few spare minutes after their appointment, ask if they’d like to film a 30 second testimonial about their time visiting your business, their favourite product or service or even their favourite thing about their regular appointments with you. Candid, fun and beautifully authentic, these snippets of glowing reviews are amazing new touchpoints for your brand. 

Once you’ve got them, what do you do with them?

So, your Google listing is packed with glowing reviews and your camera roll is overflowing with good vibes and happy clients. Yay! You’re a recommendation-getting wizard! We recommend maximising these to their fullest potential by sharing throughout your other brand touchpoints. For example, positive recommendations make amazing social media tiles to add some social proof spice to your feed. Additionally, the videos from your V.I.P clients and booth setup work perfectly for social media stories, reels and IGTV content. 

Moving onto your website, you’ve set yourself up for a testimonials page that’s overflowing with adoring praise and positive reviews! Adding video to this section only solidifies to your dream customer that they’re in great hands. 

Jumping offline and into your printed brand touchpoints, a review or two on the back of your service menu can elevate your customer experience and get them booking in quicker. Imagine reading the description of a facial, falling in love with the idea of 90 minutes of pure bliss, only to find a review for that experience staring back at me saying “yes, it’s the real deal! Book the facial, girl!”. Social proof is a wonderous thing – use it well.

How are you asking your clients for positive recommendations? Whilst we’re on the topic, if you love what the Bloom Fam are serving up, we’d love to hear about it!