InFlow 365



The seed was planted | How it began




Hair and Beauty

Who InFlow 365 speaks to:

Salon, Spa and Clinic Owners across Australia, New Zealand, UK and US.

Behind the name:

Creating a lifestyle of your dreams takes more than just profits from a business vehicle, it requires you as a person to be balanced all year round.

What makes them different?

Jay and Marie are *exclusively* industry specific Business Coaches in the Hair and Beauty industry.

They help their clients create structure from a holistic lens – allowing their business and personal lives to harmoniously (and successfully) collide. 

InFlow 365 is a sister brand complementary to their existing coaching business, The Zing Project (Founded by Lisa Conway), that enables them to positively impact a wider net of salon, spa and clinic owners in need of business support.

This brand isn’t “just” another planner or diary, it’s a full blown structured program supporting their clients every single day of the year. Equipping them with the know-how to rid themselves of limiting beliefs so they can get their head in the game and create a real rhythm on the path to their dreamy vision.

We’re so happy, we could cry!

~ Jay Chapman & Marie Drever, Senior Coaches at The ZING Project and Co-Founders of InFlow 365

The growth experience | What we discovered

The desired outcome

Jay and Marie wanted a way to take everything they know and transform it into a supportive program that was accessible to all within the Hair and Beauty industry.

Brand ethos:

Empowerment, Integrity, Supportive, Commitment

Brand feels:

Modern, Relatable, Fearless, Balanced

The brand | Our bloominous process


  • Start Up Look: aka. New logo and built out varieties into a full-blown suite, fonts, colours and imagery to reflect their growing vision
  • Suite of graphic elements throughout
  • Style guidelines and advice on how to carry out consistency to all platforms, aka. how to use their new visuals
  • Planner
  • Desk Pads
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Creative direction on how to style a variety of graphics across multiple platforms to reflect the vision and consistency of brand aesthetics

Brand got a little regrowth? We’ve got you, guuuurl

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