New vs Current Clients?

5 Marketing Tips For Beautiful Business Owners Everywhere

So often people associate marketing with discounting, and yes, this is the first thing we think of in an effort to attract clients. Who wouldn’t want to come into your salon, spa or clinic for an attractively priced service?

Thinking about your most loyal clients, what makes them want to come back time and time again? It probably has nothing to do with price, but more so the experience you and your brand provides and the relationship you and your team builds with them.

Keeping those dream clients coming back for more and more? Now that’s a game we would all like to win at. Let’s explore why it’s important to have a mix of campaigns that target both current and new clientele in your beauty business.


STOP ASKING YOUR AUDIENCE TO BUY FROM YOU! You may not be aware, but your brand is coming off like a used car sales person to your audience. Rather than focusing on asking for the sale, educate them on why they need particular treatments. How do they know they have a problem with their skin, brows, lashes if you don’t show them?

Tell them what to look for and what happens when they treat certain skin conditions. What emotional impact will it have on them and their day-to-day life once you make that change in their skin for the better?

Educating your clients should always be high on your priority list. Both new and current clients both benefit from it. The current loyal ones are already on the education train whereas the new ones are at the starting line and will take longer to educate as they do not yet know, like and trust you enough.

Return On Investment

Time is a precious commodity we cannot buy more of, we cannot borrow it or steal it. But we can spend it wisely.

Money isn’t the only thing you spend when focusing your marketing efforts on reaching new clientele, it’s also a greater lead time before they commit to making a purchase from you.

Here’s a little secret I want to let you in on, you ready? Returning clients spend more money and refer their friends and family too. Not only are your repeat clients purchasing more over time than new clients, they likely trust you enough to purchase your more expensive products or services.

Every beauty business should have a strategically designed retention marketing plan that will keep those loyal, raving fans coming back for more.

Your retention marketing plan could include:

  • A loyalty rewards program
  • Rewarding repeat visits
  • Digital marketing; social media, email marketing, mobile SMS, blogs, seo targeting your existing clients
  • Referral program
  • Memberships

Boosts Brand Awareness & Position In The Marketplace

The main reason your clients keep coming back wanting more is all down to the experience they have with your brand. The environment they enter into, the level of care and service they receive, what you remember of them and their life from last time they visited, how you communicate with them, how you made them feel. 

Staying at the forefront of your client’s minds is an essential part to remind them to come back. In 2020 the digital (and physical) landscapes are overcrowded and businesses are forever competing with other industries, personal accounts, influencers and even that cute Golden Retriever account (Of course, they’re too adorable not to follow!). Since technology is ever-evolving, people are spending more and more time behind a screen so it’s crucial you strengthen your presence on digital channels where your dream clients hang out.

You have to work hard to even get into any new client’s awareness, current clients already know, like and trust your brand AND they are more likely to be following you on all the platforms PLUS even give you a review.

Attract Dream Clientele

It might sound cliche, but the truth is you absolutely need to understand WHO your ideal audience is. There is no point marketing to potential clients who never end up buying anything from you because they weren’t picking up what you were putting down in the first place (which is a fancy way of saying they aren’t your ideal clients!) You have limited time and resources as it is; you don’t want to waste it day in and day out by trying to cast a net to catch all the fish in the sea.

Your brand must be relevant to your potential clients and create an emotional connection with them. Knowing who they are and what aspirations, challenges and needs they have can help you create a brand that will easily connect with your market, grab their attention and create a positive perception of your business in their minds.

Find your specialty; A specialty is a combination of things you love doing, you’re really good at them and you have done them many times before (Your passions, abilities and experience). Ask yourself these questions, What am I passionate about? What am I skilled at? What am I knowledgeable on? What am I more experienced with? From here, you need to find a gap in the market (your potential clients), identify their problems/ needs, research your competitors in this niche and develop unique strategies to set yourself apart from everyone else!

Then, take note of your current regular clients. Are they a dream to work with? What characteristics do they have that you like? Where would they spend most of their time online? Are they even online? What do they sound like? Do they show up 10 minutes early to an appointment? Do they buy whatever you recommend? Do they have children? Do they earn a certain amount of money? What’s their style?

Increase Your Average Dollar Sale

Your current clients already know, like and trust you. They have already purchased from you, and chances are, they do an incredible job so they not only love you, they purchase again, but more so purchase anything you recommend to them.

New clients have only heard of you on the gram’ if that! They take a lot more tender love and care, nurturing and a whole lot of loving before they even make the first purchase with you (sometimes it could be 6 months or more before they consider coming into your salon).

Consistent Client Experience

How your customers feel and are treated when they come into contact with your brand is extremely important. What your brand puts out there on social media, print media and your website must reflect how your customer experiences your business at all touch points.

If there is a mis-match with what you ‘perceive’ your business as versus what it truly is, your customers are likely to come away disappointed and tell every living soul about it.

For example, if you post to your business’ Instagram and pinch pictures off Pinterest portraying a high-end, beautiful, luxurious looking spa then a new client walks in with high expectations – they see your spa hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in 10 years. Not only have you lost a sale and probably a loyal client, but also brand trust, authenticity and credibility (which means you won’t be in business for long).

Make sure what you are portraying your brand to be in the media world, matches in real life too.

Your existing clients already know this of your business and they are your red hot ticket to attracting new clients. The best part? Your dream clients are laying on your spa beds and chances are they are going to refer their dream friends and family too.

Getting new clients to know your name let alone through your door to wow them on your incredible brand experience takes time.