Is Your Brand Memorable?

Did you know that your business has up to seven seconds to make a first impression?


Words are thrown around so loosely with an array of different meanings and even feelings these days, but one thing we do know for sure is that without a plan and goal, your brand is at risk of blending into a meadow full of the same daisies.


Brand Strategy is a huge beast of a topic to tackle in one email alone, we would probably need at least ten to really get to the bottom of its total definition. Its primary aim however as we understand it is this:


Brand Strategy’s goal is to bring together associations and feelings a person has when it comes to a business. In its entirety, it’s a business strategy.

What we specialise in and speak about is the identity component of said brand strategy.

We like to break it down like this:

Imagine a person standing in front of you.

All the internal, unseen workings of the person (aka. Their personality and how they sound)

A copywriter will creatively capture the heartbeat of this person, who they are at their core, what they like, don’t like, what they value, their moral compass, ethics, mission, vision, sound, quirks, what makes them tick, what makes them truly unique etc.

The external expression of the internal workings of this person (aka. How they physically express themselves, through clothes, makeup, hairstyles etc.)

A graphic designer expresses the heart and personality from above via appearance – bringing their personality into physical form.

Then, the internal and external worlds collide harmoniously and create themselves a home (aka. A corner of the world that is theirs)

A website designer takes the above elements and creates a loving home that oozes the delicately and beautifully intertwined workings of both the internal and external representations of said person.

And once this person has been created and nurtured in the comfort of their home? It’s time to take them out into the world. (aka. Creating connection, conversations and interacting with others)

A marketer will create the conversations that put said person on the map. The place on the map they truly belong and feel at home in. The internal and external creative expression of this person interacts with the big wide world, not only showing off their brilliance, but also is responsible for fostering long lasting connections with other people and communicating this person in a way that leaves a memorable mark with every interaction.

Of course, there’s 415 definitions and ways to do an ‘identity strategy’, this is just our own unique take on it.

Now if you don’t have an official “Brand Strategy” or heck, even an “Identity Strategy”, no shade, there’s nothing wrong with it, do what’s right for you – always.

Our aim is to inspire you through an alternative lens on how you can approach your goals from a holistic place. Because after all, just as yin and yang come together in balance, your branding can come together by infusing multiple methods.

Tightening up your business’ identity can create a well-rounded strategy that wholeheartedly lands in the minds of your audience.

Best part of all? It allows your brand’s memorability to shoot for the sun, moon, stars and beyond.

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