A 5 Minute Instagram Content Strategy With Rachel Medlock Of do you even social?

Hey there Bloom Fam! Rach from do you even social? Here sliding into the bloom blog to talk about how our little bunch of bananas can have you on your way to social media #goals.

If you haven’t come across do you even social? Yet, we create content that is bold, sometimes italic but never regular. Whether it’s nailing your tone of voice with our copywriting, upping your social game with our social media audits and education or completely transforming your social game with our strategies, our mission is to empower you to harness your digital platforms and start posting with purpose.

With our love for a beautiful brand and commitment to creating confidence in boss ladies like yourself, it was only natural that Sarah and I became #bizbesties overnight. 

Combining Sarah’s branding expertise with my social media mastery, do you even bloom? was created. With do you even bloom? We take the guesswork out of showcasing your brand on social media and develop not just your drool-worthy social media resources but the strategy to match.

With my social media strategy wings on, let’s run through how my role in do you even bloom? gives you the social media feed you’ve always envisioned.

An aesthetic as unique as you are

Think about some of your favourite Instagram accounts. The way each photo flows seamlessly with one another, that feeling that everything was meant to be placed where it has been, the heart eyes when you’re scrolling down the feed. Those brands didn’t wing it, and neither should you! They found their flow with an Instagram aesthetic created specifically for their brand. Working with your brand colours, mission, tone of voice, brand partners and of course, your snazzy new Digital Bloom social tiles, I’ll create a custom theme for your socials. 

Encompassing the many elements of your business into one feed, you’ll discover how to create balance, consistency and let’s face it, a damn good lookin’ page.  

WTF are content pillars? 

So, we’ve got the visual side of things covered, what about the words that go with them?

This is where your new best mates’ content pillars come into play. Content pillars are the key themes behind your social media presence and what you’re committing to sharing online. Whenever you have a “I don’t know what to post” moment, you go and select one of your content pillars! Taking the guesswork out of content ideas, you’ll have your very own series of content pillars specific to your business. Working in harmony with the stunning images, your feed is about to get a whole lot more consistent. 

Harness your hashtags

To give your posts the boost they deserve, every strategy comes with a collection of expertly researched hashtags for you to use. Taking into consideration your location, industry, services and dream clientele, your hashtag collections allow you to connect with the right people and stop your posts from getting lost in a sea of content. 

Giving you a head start 

We’re a huge advocate for posting with purpose. It’s the value that drives us every time we put pen to paper. Showcasing how to write social media content in a variety of fun and engaging ways, we’ll give you a head start by writing your first months’ worth of content for you! Paired with our favourite scheduling tips, social media is about to work a whole lot harder for your business. 

The best bit? We take out all the confusing jargon and make your strategy easy to navigate, digest and most importantly, implement. I can’t wait to create #socialmediagoals for your business! For a personalised introduction, We’ve totally got you.