Flex Your Offline Branding Muscle

Just as you’re about to hit reset a new year’s fitness resolution (you’re not alone, everyone’s got their sights set on that one), you should consider flexing your offline branding muscle. It’s more important than increasing your prices annually ~ like srsly, we’re calling it. *adds date in diary for 2023 service price increase*.

Hear us out…

Your branding can be so much more than what you share online. How do you display your treatment menu or price list? Is it proudly sitting on your reception counter? Online? In every room or station?

How does your team show up when your clients walk into your space?

Does your music oooze your brand’s values and feels?

What does your welcome ritual look like for existing clients, previous ones returning and new ones?  

Every stage of your customer’s in-person experience should be a memorable one, connecting their impression to your brand just as much as your logo.

So how can you infuse these into your client’s experience offline to make them feel special, as though a red carpet’s been rolled out through small, but mighty finer details?

It could be an obvious detail like the clothes you and your team wear every day.

Clothing is often overlooked but just like you, every single one of your team members is an ambassador for your business. The choice of colour, material and style adds to the experience your clients feel on an emotive level, it also creates an element of familiarity for them by creating a sense of consistency, something making us memorable.

Or, it could be a smaller, finer detail like the music you play in your salon, spa or clinic.

While you’re not exactly rushing out to create your very own jingle, the music you chose to play in your space is designed to evoke emotion (in a good way) for your team and clients.

A perfect example of this would be day spa brands using particular sounds and melodies of nature and meditation throughout their treatment rooms and waiting room spaces. Heightening our sense of sound (especially when paired with visual elements and scents), strengthens the message to our brain that we’re in a space of relaxation, serenity and nurturing. 

But the use of sound isn’t limited to relaxation spaces. You might have a brand with bold and energetic vibes (or something your purpose feels truly aligned to)! Think loud pinks and powerful blacks, high energy and unapologetic (our kinda place 👏). 

For example, let’s say it’s a rockin’ hair salon, they’ve engaged your excitement through sight, they may have engaged your taste through a zesty signature cocktail but all of a sudden, their music is acoustic Ed Sheeran. 🤔 Things haven’t quite added up and you’re feeling a little less pumped! The salon coordinator quickly realises they’re on the wrong playlist and cranks up Beyonce. Phew, all senses have made sense again.

When was the last time you checked in on how accessible your treatment menu or list of services is?

People want to know what you do, how you do it, what’s included, how long and most of all, how much? Easily communicate all this *waves hands* via a treatment menu or brochure.

Think about colours, fonts, text sizing, images, print quality (or digital accessibility if you’re not into the printed version) and descriptions! Jazz up the names of your packages or offerings, call them something on brand and relatable to your client’s emotions.

Let’s say your biz wants to work with predominantly mothers, you’d speak to their heart. Understand what their needs, wants and hopes are, as well as walking a mile in their daily grind. Infuse their emotions through dreamy treatment descriptions and then tell them what to do next (aka. How to book in).

Do you welcome newbies with your unique style and flair (first impressions always count)?

Nothing quite says personalised touchpoints like a client welcome kit. The most divine first impression as a new client takes a seat, a welcome kit lets them know you’ve truly thought about their impending appointment and are ready to go above and beyond.

It’s an opportunity to introduce a new client to your brand and your in-person experience. You’re quite literally setting the expectation for them! The quality and texture of your printed materials in your kit, the colours and fonts used to the you guessed it, personalisation of their name and even service, as well as maybe samples or offers, these finer details elevate the perception of quality and sophistication of your brand (if that’s your jam 💁‍♀️)

Something like an on-brand welcome kit really sets the tone for the overall brand experience and provides a tangible, take-home touchpoint that can be used as part of word-of-mouth referrals (Added bonus? They’ll also likely snap a photo and share it on the ‘gram too – double win!)

There’s an old Chinese Proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

Truth is, anytime is a great time to start anew, but there’s something so magical about the thought of an entirely new year to realign yourself with your higher purpose.

It’s also a delicious time to check in on your branding and if it’s still aligned. Not only with the now, but fuelled by your purpose for where you’re going.