Creating #instagramgoals is easier than you think!

Ever look at your favourite brand’s Instagram feeds and think ‘wow, I could never have my feed looking like that’. Think again! It’s so much easier than you think!

An Instagram theme encompasses the rules to laying out your ‘gram and ensure that even your social feeds remain on brand and you guessed it – consistent. 

Thanks to your theme, every tile has a place, every colour has a purpose and when you start scrolling, that brand journey has us all heart eyes, praise hands and red dress dancer. 

Today, we’re sharing easy to implement ways to create your very own Insta goals by upping your feeds consistency and sticking to your very own theme.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Take a moment to give your Instagram profile a quick branding once-over. 

Is your profile picture a high-quality version of your logo? Does it fit in the circle?

How’s your bio sounding? Take a moment to review your tone of voice and include any must-feature copy.

Are your highlight covers on brand or […gulp] non-existent?

These are the elements that a potential customer sees before they’ve even interacted with any of your posts. Small but mighty, these elements can all be branding touchpoints that can make your page memorable and showcase that you’re the real deal. 

Let your brand bloom

Whilst every tile may not be a picture of your product or service, the imagery we use on our feeds can represent our brand, support our tone of voice, showcase our brand values and allows us to celebrate our brand story through the power of picture. 

Sticking to a selection of brand colours ensures that every tile has your signature flair. Take our ‘gram for example! Our @digital_bloom feed showcases our love for all things yellow and good vibes. Scrolling through our feed, you can quickly connect our Insta with other online touchpoints such as our website and Facebook group. 

Creating a signature quote tile or two in your branding is a brilliant way to make your feed instantly synonymous with your brand whilst giving your feed a serious upgrade! Using your own branded tiles gives you the freedom to share content that aligns perfectly with your brand, in your tone AND in your fonts and colours – a dream come true! We recommend Canva to create your tile transformations with our Bloom Bootcamp on hand to help you navigate Canva creations with confidence.

Use your brand identity to further develop your Instagram aesthetic. Think of your social media feed holistically – when a customer is not using your product or service, what are they doing and how can we ensure our brand authentically connects with them? 

For example, if you’re an organic relaxation brand then you’ll want to harness images of self-care, nature and relaxing settings (#goldenhour anyone?) whereas a loud and bold brand may sway more towards bright imagery and punchy neon’s. Seek inspiration on stock imagery sites, Canva photos or even scrolling through your own Insta feed to seek inspiration. Just be sure to credit accounts you repost from. 

Consistency is key 

Like any branding activity, consistency is key. Take your revamped strategy and start developing a consistent theme for your feed! 

Some accounts post their quote tiles down the middle, others stick to a consistent filter across the board, whilst some alternate between two different tile designs to showcase different brand messages.

Have fun with mapping out your feed and discover what theme works best for you and your posting style. 

Pro Tip: If you love a spontaneous post, then consider a less structured theme. These style themes are less forgiving to in-the-moment posting. 

Social media management apps such as Planoly and Plann allow you to visually map out your feed before scheduling so you can see what your masterpiece will end up looking like. For branding on a budget, pop your pics in a Canva template or a word document table.  

Happy posting!