5 ways to give your brand a mini glow-up in 1 hour or less

When was the last time you stopped to consider your brand’s image? In the hustle and bustle of running a business, it’s easy to overlook the importance of regular brand maintenance. Just like servicing your car or updating your hairstyle, your brand needs constant (yet not demanding) TLC to ensure it’s still resonating with your audience and helping you achieve your goals.

Reflecting on what’s working (and perhaps what’s not working) in your branding is a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with your dream client and ensure every touchpoint of our message is being directed right at them.

This week, we challenge you to set aside some time to reflect on your brand and identify areas where you can elevate your game. To help you get started, here are five simple ways to give your beauty brand a mini glow-up in less than an episode of the Bachie.

Refresh your social media bios 

Think about the first time you found your favourite account on social media. One of the first things you saw and read was their bio, right? This is one of the first impressions a brand gives off to its dream client and with not a lot of characters to work with, we’ve got to make every one of them count! 

Take a look at your own bios on your social media channels and ask yourself, “is this showing off my brand personality?”, “is this solving my dream client’s problem?” and “is this giving my dream client the best first impression possible?”.

A slight tweak of the way you tell your brand’s story (in 150 characters or less) could be the difference between them choosing you or your competitor. 

Ask your VIP clients for a review 

Social proof is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it back up all of your own messaging but it becomes a brand touchpoint without you having to spend a dime. The quickest of our glow-up ideas is touch base with 5 of your VIP clients. These people already know, like and trust you. 

Contact them how you normally would and ask if they would mind sharing their experience with your brand on your Google My Business page. You can seamlessly send them the link to your page (or they can Google your business name) and they’re able to leave a glowing 5-star review. 

Suddenly, your Google My Business is blooming with new touchpoints that rave about your service, quality and all-round beautiful vibes for your dream client to see when they’re searching for businesses like yours. 

Reflect on the colours and fonts you’re currently using 

When was the last time you updated your style guide? We recommend scheduling a refresh of your brand when it stops connecting with your ideal customers, feels outdated in a competitive marketplace or when your brand is telling a different story to years before.

Whilst sometimes your logo will remain, the colours and fonts that bring it all together can be refreshed to best showcase your brand. Take this opportunity to check out our colour and font psychology blogs to learn how by choosing the right ones for your brand can completely transform the story you tell. The way certain colours and fonts make us feel about a brand tell a lot about the experience your client envisages when they look at your business. When it’s not what they were expecting, it can suggest it might be time to refresh your strategy to create better alignment. 

Walk into your biz (in the shoes of your dream client)

As we know, brand experience is not just online but in every inch of our in-person experience too.

From your uniforms, retail space, treatment menus to post-service ritual, all of these elements play a significant role in your branding touchpoints and crafting your client’s experience with you. 

Take a holistic view at your business by stepping inside the front door as your dream client. Take note of how easy it is to find out about a product or service, the way you’re greeted at reception, the way your team’s uniforms are presented, the welcome ritual (or lack thereof) in your waiting room and the visuals that guide you through from entrance to treatment. 

Did your experience align with the essence of your brand? Did you pick up on moments that could be improved, enhanced or scrapped all together? Prompting ourselves to see our brand as more than what’s on our computers is a powerful reminder of making every moment of your in-person experience count.

Book a Project Powwow

If you’ve worked your way through the four strategies and left feeling in need of a total brand reboot, our Project Powwow call has your name written all over it. Sometimes, especially those biz veterans, need to bring in the pros to take a look at our brand holistically. Together, we dive deep into what the goals are for your business, how you dream of engaging with your dream customer and how through results-focussed branding exercises, we can bring those visions to life. 

Our Project Powwow is a complimentary call that helps us get to know each other and get you started on your exciting branding journey. You bring the coffee, we’ll bring the ideas.